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What if all students experienced Black history and culture in a new light?

Young minds thrive when they see themselves and their communities reflected in what they’re learning. And all students stand to gain from learning about the full scope of Black contributions to our world. 

Reconstruction is a unique, full-service curriculum company offering supplemental, live-tutored, virtual courses that situate Black culture and achievement in an authentic, identity-affirming manner.  Let us empower your school or organization to spread Black joy and Black excellence.

Nurture Black brilliance and Black joy.

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Black Mathletes

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Black Shakespeare

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Introduction to Step With Step Afrika

Culturally relevant. Academically rigorous. Authentically engaging.

Our curriculum aligns with the goals of many state college and career readiness standards. But our courses inspire students to reach beyond standards in pursuit of higher goals. 

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Live instruction tailored to your
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Academic and enrichment courses centered on Black experience for K-12 students

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Live instruction by our diverse and experienced team of tutors

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Seamless onboarding and flexible scheduling

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Culturally relevant education for all. 

Students of every background benefit from a more complete understanding of our shared history and society.

Reconstruction courses are critical not just to support our students in reading and math, but also in helping them connect to their identity ...”
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Lakisha Young

Co-Founder of Oakland Reach
This self-reflection made students think about how they wanted to showcase their identity to others but also how their identity can help them make a difference in their world.”

Kahleah Brown


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Baltimore City Public Schools
Urbana School District
Detroit Public Schools
Urban Academy
Belmont Charter Network
Oakland REACH
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NYC Department Education
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