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It’s more than an education.

At Reconstruction, we’re preparing a generation of young people to lead us forward. We set our sights high, but our vision is grounded in reality.

Research tells us that children make academic gains and experience increased self-esteem when they see themselves in their learning materials and subject matter. Multiple studies confirm that when Black students are taught by people who look like them, short- and long-term outcomes increase exponentially.

It’s a movement.

Reconstruction was created to show kids that we are descendants of powerful, creative, and resilient ancestors whose contributions permeate every aspect of life across the globe; and that they too are called to contribute to this rich legacy. Join the movement to celebrate Black brilliance!
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Founded on experience.

Reconstruction was founded in 2020 by former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools Kaya Henderson, a nationally recognized leader in education with three decades of experience, and Dr. Roland Fryer, Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

During her tenure leading D.C. Public Schools, Kaya dramatically turned around one of the country’s lowest performing districts. Throughout her career, she has shown a commitment to pairing rigorous content with joyful experiences.

In the few short years since its founding, Reconstruction has expanded exponentially, bringing joy and inspiration to thousands of teachers and students in school districts and communities across the country.

Curriculum that reaches beyond standards.

Our unapologetically Black curriculum is aligned with the goals of college and career readiness standards as well as many states’ standards.

But we believe standards are only the beginning.

Self- knowledge


Inspiring students to see themselves as history seekers and makers.

Agency through skills

through skills

Teaching math and reading as tools for entrepreneurship, leadership, and advocacy.

Cultivating intellect


Prioritizing literacy as the key to a lifetime of learning.

Emancipatory curiosity


Empowering students to question and act towards truth, justice, and liberation.

Joyful community


Fostering communities where everyone is honored and affirmed.

What makes Reconstruction different?

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Celebrating Black joy, Black excellence, and Black glory.

Computer Middle

Creating a unique space intentionally designed for Black kids.

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Using academic rigor to instill self-reliance, self-determination, and self-liberation.

Built on a foundation of Black intellectual thought.

The name and mission of Reconstruction harkens back to a foundational moment in our history. During the period after the Civil War known as Reconstruction, Black Americans thrived politically, economically, and intellectually — and took their education into their own hands. The first Black senators were sent to Congress and Black lawmakers were elected to state legislatures across the South. Black communities and leaders founded banks, businesses, and towns, as well as 5,000 schools and 37 colleges and universities all across the country.

Reconstruction’s theory of change also draws inspiration from the groundbreaking work of contemporary education researchers and advocates like Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, Dr. Lisa Delpit, and Dr. Gholdy Muhammad.

As history reveals, education has always been of vital importance to Black communities in America. Reconstruction stands on the shoulders of the strong men and women of our past as we work to build strong children today.

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